• Welcome to Tin Roof Vintage!

    A most heartfelt welcome to Tin Roof Vintage! It has been an incredible year preparing for the official launch of our online boutique. We began, very humbly, six and a half years ago with a spare room, a closet full of great vintage, and a fresh eBay account. I've always envisioned what our own independent boutique would be, and through the years we've continually pushed ourselves to not only find the best vintage, but to present it in a clear and inspiring way. After making the decision in 2011 to open, we worked diligently on creating a website that best represents our sense of style and love of vintage. So, in these final few moments before we open our doors, I have to say I am filled with overwhelming excitement and pride in what we've achieved thus far. 

    As we've done since the very first days of Tin Roof Vintage, we are committed to sharing with our customers the best of our ever-growing vintage collection, and we will be updating the boutique every week with a carefully curated selection of high quality, fashion-forward finds. I imagine the store to be an extension of my own closet, so you can expect we will always be well stocked with perfectly high-waisted 70s denim, diaphanous maxi dresses, romantic silk blouses, and palazzo anything.

    I'm eternally thankful to all of our wonderful customers who have made this webstore possible. And I'd like to offer a special thank you to my assistant Molly and model Brittany-- two endlessly beautiful and inspiring women whom I am beyond grateful not only to know, but to have the pleasure of working with. 

    And so, at long last, I am honored to present I sincerely hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we have enjoyed getting here! 

    Best wishes,


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